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Hydramemory Hydramask 60ml


Key ingredients:

Trehalose, baobab extract, hyaluronic acid, rice and jojoba oils.



Trehalose is a hydro-active sugar obtained from desert plants able to create a protective barrier around cells limiting their loss of water. Baobab extract is obtained from the leaves of the invaluable African plant known also as the “Plant of Life” since it can survive up to 5,000 years. Its moisturising efficacy is linked to the mucilage obtained from leaves because it is able to bond with large amounts of water.



Recommended for skins that are dehydrated and particularly stressed, At least one a week.



A gel leave-on mask with “express” hydrating action which absorbs in just 3 minutes for an optimal skin hydration. The “sorbet” texture bestows an immediate sensation of freshness and permits the layering of your hydrating serum or cream. Instantly, the skin looks moisturised, smooth and soft.


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